Naps, Food, & Embracing the Silence

On Thursday, after a successful conference, I napped for three hours. Is that a semi-sleep? I’m pretty sure I hit a REM cycle….

On Friday, I had to come to terms with the fact that, nearly 24, I cannot eat the way I used to anymore. I’ve been put out of commission by food too much to tolerate lately. Happy is hard when it’s Mutiny on the HMS Digestive System.

On Saturday, I was mulling over something a friend told me at breakfast the previous day. With children of his own in my age range, our friendship often blends with mentorship, from which I benefit from a paternal protectiveness not often found outside of the home. We met in theatre, and with a similar dark and off-kilter sense of humor, became fast friends. At breakfast, he told me I differed from others in that I had found the comfort in silence, elaborating on the observation that I am comfortable wherever I go, in my own company. On the way home from working at the theatre that evening, I decided to literally find comfort in the silence, and turned my car radio off.

The effect was surprising. Nighttime, the lights popped out from their black backdrop, and the music playing out of cars passing by sounded like sonar humming past my ears. The moon caught my attention, its recent fullness now waning, but the remainder glowed bright white. My thoughts didn’t quiet down for long, but their intensity was quelled briefly by being sucked from pop music distraction into the present moment.

It was rewarding to turn off the noise for a drive. Maybe with practice, I’ll be able to tune in and out of the noise in my head as well.